27.06.22 Polls Review

Support for Ukraine in Europe remains high, but the differences between Northern and Southern Europe are becoming more pronounced, a Eurobarometer survey shows

Following a controversial report by the European Council on Foreign Relations predicting forthcoming cracks in European public opinion regarding the war in Ukraine, newest Eurobarometer (EU’s leading sociological survey) has recently been published and it also centers around the war and the attitudes of Europeans towards its consequences.

Polling data from 27 EU countries demonstrates a rather high level of consolidation in Europe regarding the war, however it also highlights clear-cut national differences.

Based on the polling data we compiled an index of support for Ukraine among the EU countries and found that it clearly correlates with the level of their national income.

Economically advanced nations of Northern Europe (the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany) show the highest level of popular support towards Ukraine, whereas less well off Southern European countries (Portugal, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria) are least supportive.

About 40% of EU respondents in general are ready to tolerate a further decline in living standards due to the need to defend European values through sanctions against Russia, while about 60% are not. In terms of geography, again Northern Europeans show more tolerance toward potential economic hardship, while Southern Europeans express a strong reluctance.

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