12.09.22 Review

Re: Russia — Relaunch: new website, new design and a convenient way to sign up for our newsletter

Dear readers,

At the end of July Roskomnadzor blocked Re: Russia, and we took a timeout to relaunch the project’s website. It is now available in an English-language version also — and we will continue working on expanding the selection of materials available for English readers.

Read us online, subscribe to our daily updated Telegram channel, follow us on Twitter — and join our mailing list for a weekly update.

Re: Russia will feature:

  1. in-depth expertise — reports, studies, articles, and discussions;

  2. current analytics — conceptual commentary on current events and an overview of trends in Russian economy and social life;

  3. a digest of local and international Russia-related expertise — a comprehensive and systematic review of research and data published on Russian politics, economy, and society.

Some of Re: Russia’s earlier studies that are now available in English include:

  • a study of the effect of economic sanctions on Russia's political and economic future — co-authored with economists Sergei Aleksashenko, Oleg Buklemishev, and Oleg Vyugin;

  • analysis of a paradoxical surge of optimism regarding the state of the Russian economy among Russian businessmen and people at large this spring;

  • Re: Russia Director Kirill Rogov’s take on sanctions backlashing against the Western democracies;

  • review of media consumption trends in Russia.