An expert and discussion platform aiming to address key issues of Russian politics, economy and society. It produces a constantly updated review of current expertise, new data and global discussion on the state of Russia and publishes its own analytics and research necessary to understand the ongoing processes in the country.

Today, Russia is at a tragic turning point in its history, the ongoing events are comparable in significance only perhaps to those of a hundred years ago — the Bolshevik coup and the Civil war, as their consequences are likely to determine Russia's place in the world and its historical track for decades to come.

In this context, a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the processes taking place in Russia seems to be critically important and can in the end influence the future, exposing its conceivable scenarios and dilemmas.

The dialogue and interpenetration of Russian and Western expertise, the synergy of understanding and discussion of what is happening seem just as necessary.

Finally, the ever growing insularity of the Russian state and its expert environment requires extra efforts to collect and analyze relevant and reliable data.

Re: Russia. Expertise, Analysis and Policy Network aims to serve as a platform for an expert and analytical discussion on the key issues of Russian politics, economy and social life, qualified monitoring of significant data, interpretations and assessments, as well as free discussion of essential themes, attracting a wide range of experts and public intellectuals living in Russia and abroad, as well as promoting ideas and values of open society and political freedom for the common future of mankind.

We aim to publish our own research and analytics, as well as accurately and broadly overview relevant expertise, new data and global discussion on the state of Russia in order to gain a better and more layered understanding of the nature of unfolding events, analyze trends and assess the likelihood of future scenarios.

Re: Russia continues the work of LM-Expertise project of the Liberal Mission Foundation and intends to rely on a wide network of recognized experts in Russian politics, economics and society, bringing them together to discuss current social processes and historical trends. The project, as previously, is headed by political scientist Kirill Rogov.

We emphatically condemn the war unleashed by Vladimir Putin’s regime against the people of Ukraine and its sovereignty and consider this war a crime both against Ukraine and the future of the Russian people.


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