20.03 Review From minimum deterrence to maximum threat: will China enter into a nuclear arms race with the US? 20.03 Sanctions Review Will Russia have enough money for the war? Oil prices are falling, but the IEA predicts an increase in demand by the end of the year, rendering sanctions ineffective 17.03 Review Dictator at War: Lessons from the Protracted Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s 15.03 Review The Chef in the Kitchen of Dirty Deeds: researchers have mapped the company activity of Yevgeny Prigozhin, while The New York Times predicts that he will continue to battle for political influence after military defeat 14.03 Review The Geography of Weapons: the war in Ukraine has significantly altered the structure of the global arms trade, with Russia on the way to losing its position as the world’s second-largest arms exporter 13.03 Review Domestic Foreign Policy: Biden will need to reckon with the fact that Americans largely perceive China as the greatest threat to US interests, not Russia 10.03 Review Import Substitution Woes: companies using Russian-made products report quality issues 10.03 War Review War Data: OSINT technology has transformed modern warfare into a ‘people’s warfare’, so that now anyone with an Internet connection can take part 08.03 Review An Illusion of Growth: even if the central bank improves its forecast for the Russian economy, the quality of growth will remain low 07.03 Polls Review The Fog of War and The Climate of Opinion: polls indicate rising pro-war sentiments, increasingly positive assessments of the success of the ‘special military operation,’ and growing fear of pollsters 07.03 Review Optimistic Stagnation: despite optimism from business managers and the government, Russian industrial production fell at the beginning of 2023 06.03 Propaganda Review The Non-Mobilising Web: How pro-Kremlin media laid the groundwork for the invasion of Ukraine 03.03 Review Anxious Loyalty: Appeals to the President from Russian citizens reflect the evolving profile of social well-being in the midst of war 02.03 Review Burning Daylight: Sanctions against Russian oil are ineffective due to a lack of effective compliance and control mechanisms 28.02 Review Tactical migration: The levels of labour migration grew in 2022, but are still far below pre-pandemic levels. The Russian authorities are seeking to use these migrants as resources for their war 27.02 Review Re: Russia in the First Year of the War. Six critical analytical perspectives 24.02 Review Grave Loyalty: the payouts offered by the Russian government for those killed in Ukraine are worth only slightly more than the price Russians place on their own lives 23.02 Polls Review Coercive Cohesion: both in Russia and Ukraine, the results of opinion polls should be treated with caution during times of war 22.02 Review How Effective Has the Government’s Support for Small Businesses Been? Not very effective at all, according to data collected by FOM 21.02 Review Humanitarian Mission or Genocide? Russia is implementing a programme for the re-education of Ukrainian children taken from the occupied territories 20.02 Review Global Risk Society: the Russian-Ukrainian war has increased global risk perceptions, but differences between countries continue 20.02 War Review Big War Returns: what lessons have been learnt a year into the first major conventional military campaign of the 21st century? 17.02 Review A Revision of Revisionism: A new Munich Security Report contends that, in order to successfully confront the world’s autocrats, the West must revise its vision of the international order 17.02 Sanctions Review Who is Helping Russia Fight? As the war approaches its one-year mark, sanctions remain largely symbolic according to Russian customs data 16.02 Review Changing Identity: How have politics altered Russia’s demographics since the 2021 National Census? 15.02 Review Winter is Coming: experts advise the EU to reduce its gas consumption in preparation for next year 13.02 Polls Review Navalny Forgotten: the politician's significant decline in the politician’s visibility and recognition over the past 11 months appears to be yet another paradox of wartime public opinion 10.02 Review Communities and Hromadas: how effective self-governance reform has helped Ukraine to resist the invasion 10.02 Review Apples and Oranges: Russian industries post opposing statistics 09.02 Review Prolonged War or Imminent Defeat? American think tank RAND Corporation presents the Biden administration with an alarmist plan 07.02 Review Between a Rock and a Hard Place: the vast majority of Russian businesses report rising costs, but low demand prevents price increases 07.02 Review Invisible Violence: unorganised extremism and hate becomes less visible as state repression increases 06.02 Repressions Review Online on the Line: repression of free speech and the war have led to the construction of ‘Runet 2.0’ and the ever-increasing isolation of the original 06.02 Review Staffing Gaps: war and sanctions have led to a worker shortage in Russia despite record low unemployment 03.02 Review Is the West Experiencing War Fatigue? What Opinion Polls Tell Us About the Willingness of America and Germany to Extend Military Support to Ukraine 02.02 Review ‘The Putin Effect”: the Russian invasion has led to increased support for democracy and European integration, even among residents of Southern Europe. 02.02 Review Horizontal Stabilisation: central bank analysts confirm that while Russia’s economy has adapted to sanctions, most industries will continue to stagnate 01.02 Sanctions Review The Not-so-peaceful Atom: can Europe afford sanctions against Russian nuclear power? 01.02 Review Rising Budget Optimism: January’s economic activity was boosted by large end-of-year funding injections by the government 31.01 Review Civil Society: one in five rubles allocated by presidential grants is spent on pro-war projects, while socially oriented NGOs face financial hardship 31.01 War Review Hidden by the Fog of War: assessing the number of civilian casualties in Ukraine 30.01 Repressions Review Tightening the Screws: since the beginning of December, Russian authorities have identified a new foreign agent and opened a new criminal case every day 30.01 Review A Discordant Chorus of Hawks: how authoritarian wartime public policy works 26.01 Review Economic Demobilisation: polling by FOM shows that the mood among small businesses significantly deteriorated in the autumn of 2022 25.01 Review The Central Bank and Consumers Want More ‘Toxicity’: the fate of the ruble depends on the effectiveness of Western sanctions on Russian oil 24.01 Review The Allies vs Everyone Else: although the world may condemns the Russian invasion, only certain countries are willing to fund Ukraine’s resistance 23.01 Review The Sanctions Struggle: politicians and experts are focused on the question of how best to enforce restrictions on high-tech imports 19.01 Polls Review Foreign Agents and Wartime Anomalies: polling shows increasing distortions in public opinion in 2022 18.01 Review L-shaped Stability: end of year industrial production in Russia neither declined nor grew 17.01 War Review Counter Mobilisation: the quantity of weapons promised to Ukraine is not enough to compensate for Russia's advantage in the next stage of the war 16.01 Review A Decade of Darkness: how the war in Ukraine has altered our understanding of the future of humanity 13.01 Review The Favourable Crisis Climate: businesses have improved their assessments of trade conditions, but express little hope for drastic improvements in the future 12.01 Review An Imperialist War But Not a Nationalist one: the Russian right has grown their audience, but their agenda is now indistinguishable from that of the government. 11.01 Review Generals Preparing for a Future War: foreign policy experts identify lessons to be learnt from the war in Ukraine 22.12.22 Review In The Embrace Of Hate: the Kremlin's policy has radically altered the geopolitical orientation of Ukrainian society 21.12.22 Propaganda Review Guns Instead of Butter: the Russian pro-government media is more willing to tell the public about the war, and are ‘squeezing’ economic topics out of the news agenda 20.12.22 Review ‘With Ukraine, Against Ukrainians.’ Poland Has Taken in a Record Number of Ukrainian Refugees, but According to Experts, Such an Influx of Migrants Is Fraught With Increasing Social Tension 19.12.22 Review Opium For Europe: lack of a competitive alternative to Russian gas makes pragmatists discuss the hypothetical possibility of its return to the European market 15.12.22 Review Post-War Reforms In Ukraine Will Be Aimed At Broad Integration With The EU And Non-Cooperation With Russia 14.12.22 Review De-Russification Of Ukraine: Russian aggression became the major factor in the consolidation of Ukraine as a nation-state 13.12.22 Review Negative Adaptability: the Russian economy copes with the shocks of war and sanctions through strategic simplification 12.12.22 Polls Review Normative Loyalty: loyalty to the war and official rhetoric among pollsters surveyed remains high, although there are very few war enthusiasts 09.12.22 War Review Failed State: even early 2000s "terrorists" are sent to fight in Ukraine 09.12.22 Review "Ukraine Comes First": Berlin has recognized the exhaustion and fallacy of the course toward special relations with Russia, which it has adhered to for the last fifty years 08.12.22 Review Sustained Unsustainable Stagnation: the Russian economy is supported by technological regression, the production of shells and military uniforms 07.12.22 Review Statistical Illusion: Russia has mostly restored its imports, but not the right one, and not from the right places 06.12.22 Polls Review The War Is Stuck: the tension of mobilisation has diminished, supporters of peace negotiations remain in the majority, but a less overwhelming one 05.12.22 Review A Preventive Defeat: no matter how the war ends, Russia will come out of it weakened and will be forced to adopt a "self-limiting" policy, experts say 02.12.22 Sanctions Review The Race of Restrictions: sanctions may not critically damage a large economy, but they may permanently undermine its technological competitiveness potential 01.12.22 Review Black Swans Through Rose-tinted Glasses: consumer sentiment and economic expectations of Russians in November improved again after the fall of October 30.11.22 Review Expectations Oscilloscope: business climate index fluctuates along with shifts in business sentiment amid stagnation, low demand, and deteriorating lending conditions 29.11.22 Propaganda Review "Kremlin Trolls Never Sleep": Russian propaganda campaigns on European social media are not very effective but can cause problems in crisis situations 29.11.22 Repressions Review Autumn Repressions: decline of protests and detentions, development of the fight against "foreign agents," and totalitarian practices 28.11.22 Mobilisation Review The Stolen War: mobilisation in Russia is carried out by a special presidential department, but only one-fifth of allocated funds were spent for their intended purpose 28.11.22 Review Lending For The Poor: loan portfolio dynamics indicates rising business costs and shrinking consumers' demand 24.11.22 Review Retail vs. the State Statistics Service: Russians reduce purchases and suffer from the crisis despite the official statistics 23.11.22 Review COP27 Summary: the war in Ukraine has aggravated disputes over energy transition strategies, but Russia will be able to take minimal advantage of its stretched scenario 23.11.22 War Review Criminal-Patriotic War: the contractual army crisis has forced the Kremlin to rely on informal armies and criminal contingents 22.11.22 Repressions Review The Fight Against Vandalism, Punitive Psychiatry, and the Criminalization of Geography: Major Trends in the Repressive Activities of the Russian Authorities 21.11.22 Review A Shot in Both Legs: war and sanctions deprive the Russian economy of the opportunity to adapt to the energy transition, China will take advantage of Russia 17.11.22 Review Nuclear Non-Deterrence: war in Ukraine makes non-conclusion of a new treaty on strategic offensive arms limitation more plausible 17.11.22 Review Offshorization of Integration: war and sanctions are leading to a fundamental change in the Eurasian Economic Union's nature 16.11.22 Review Systemic Chinese Threat: experts discuss how the United States can maintain its leadership 16.11.22 Polls Review The Inclusion Of Occupied Ukrainian Territories In Russia Has Not Met Any Emotional Response Among Russians: by the end of October, only 6% of the respondents remembered about this event 15.11.22 Review Double Pressure: Russia's budget problems will sharply aggravate in the first half of 2023 15.11.22 War Review Negotiating a Future War: the world wants Ukraine to agree on freezing the conflict, while Putin has already created a pretext for a new invasion 14.11.22 Propaganda Review Telegram's Frankenstein: how social media dynamics are changing the political agenda in Russia 11.11.22 Review Russia Is Losing Its Political and Military Influence in Central Asia, But Still Holds Sway Over Television 09.11.22 Review Forecast Fog: the Russian Central Bank has improved its forecast for the Russian economy, but admits that reality could worsen it 08.11.22 Review The New Digital Order: digital assets will be developed to bypass sanctions in cross-border payments 08.11.22 Review A Passing Casualty: the build-up of a "regional grouping" In Belarus indicates rather the dismantling Of Belarusian sovereignty than preparing for war 04.11.22 Review October Worsening: leading economic indicators show sharp drop in services 04.11.22 Propaganda Review Twitter Weapons: the war of narratives around the confrontation between Russia and the West is taking over the world and has been moderately successful so far 03.11.22 War Review The Kremlin Is Betting on Human Forces in the War, But With the Support of the Western Coalition Kyiv Will Be Able to Counteract It by Building up Technological Advantage and Mobility of Troops, Analysts Say 02.11.22 Review The Fading Face of the Non-Military Economy: in September, industry was still showing signs of recovery. In October, there will be nothing left of It but a defense sector 02.11.22 Review Not Everyone Has Left: the exodus of iconic international brands from Russia made a lot of noise, but in reality, about half of the foreign companies that worked here before the war still remain on the Russian market 01.11.22 Review Mobilisation of Pessimism: surveys record slight increase in Inflation expectations and significant decline in expectations about the economic future 31.10.22 Polls Review Support For the War Among Russians Is Rapidly Declining But Has Not Yet Converted Into Rising Opposition, New "Levada-Center" Polls Show 28.10.22 War Review Russia Has a Developed Infrastructure for Biological Weapons Production, Which Can Be Used in the War with Ukraine 28.10.22 Repressions Review Monitoring of Repressions: decline in anti-mobilisation protests, increase of criminal prosecutions and "foreign agents" punishment 26.10.22 Review Due to the War with Ukraine, Russia is Losing influence in the Post-Soviet Territory, but it Could Lead to Serious Destabilisation in the Whole Region 25.10.22 Review Municipal Cleansing: the Kremlin has crushed the remains of the opposition onslaught of the late 2010s 25.10.22 Review Geography of the Sanctions Crisis: reorientation to the East undermines the competitiveness of the Russian economy 24.10.22 Polls Review "To Be a Man": polls show fairly high loyalty to the announced mobilisation despite gradual decline in the war support 24.10.22 Review Frontal Reversal: Russian business climate is back to the crisis, Central Bank of Russia monitoring shows 20.10.22 Review The Last Herald: The Central Bank of Russia admits that mobilisation has suspended economic stabilisation 20.10.22 Review Exports of Corruption and Corruption in Exports: Transparency International notes another deterioration in the fight against corruption in international trade 19.10.22 Review The Partial Mobilisation of Fridges: Washington Report sheds light on eight months of sanctions against “Putin’s War” and the Russian Military Complex 19.10.22 Polls Review Despite War Fatigue, Ukrainian Society Not Polarised on Key Issue: its occupied territories must be returned 18.10.22 Polls Review The Frustration of the Mobilisation: Russian Society’s Spring-Summer Optimism Replaced by Confusion and Scepticism 07.10.22 Review Left-right "Anti-colonialism": why India does not support Western sanctions 06.10.22 Mobilisation Review Fraud Mobilisation: the authorities reported the draft of 200 thousand people in two weeks but don't know what to do with them 05.10.22 Review Optimistic Recession: September's leading economic indicators show improvement despite demand stagnation 05.10.22 Review Russia After: amid Putin's failure in the war with Ukraine, experts and elites focus more on power transit scenarios and the search for a presidential successor 04.10.22 Review IMF warns of a widespread hunger threat in the poorest countries, and Russia will likely use the "Grain Deal" to criticize the West but won't break it 03.10.22 Review For the first time since 1975, Russia has a negative migration balance, and by the end of the year, the population will decrease by more than a million 03.10.22 Review Paradoxes of Adjustment: long-term economic expectations worsen, but lowered expectations make assessments of current income and economic situation more positive 27.09.22 Mobilisation Review Yandex-Mobilisation: what search requests say about the mood of Russians 26.09.22 Review Russian’s surge of economic optimism finally over and replaced with stagnation, rather than depression, polls show 23.09.22 Mobilisation Review The Special Operation and the Mobilisation: the need to make up for military losses and neutralise the Ukrainian army’s advantage forced the Kremlin into an unpopular and ineffective decision 22.09.22 Sanctions Review As Russia’s seaborne oil exports fall and its budget revenues slide, the negative impact of sanctions on the economy and ordinary Russians increases 21.09.22 Review The New Russians: most successful and critical part of society leaving the country 20.09.22 Review European experts recommend the EU to implement a comprehensive plan for Ukraine; a strategy for ensuring its development and integration into European society, bypassing routine procedures 20.09.22 Review The European Union needs a coordinated approach to address the energy crisis. instead, member States are Opting for inward-looking national policies 19.09.22 Polls Review Geopolitics, Escapism, Depression: Researchers have analysed 213 interviews to understand Russians' attitudes to war 19.09.22 Review Two thirds of Americans believe the US should support Ukraine until it returns all occupied territories 16.09.22 Review Russia’s Asian breakthrough unlikely to happen soon, according to Central Bank’s analytical review of the problems plaguing the Russian export sector 15.09.22 Review Faltering propaganda and the theft of the opposition’s language: Russian propaganda highly adaptable, hijacks words used by war dissidents 14.09.22 Repressions Review Resisting the resistance: repressions against Opponents of the war are systematic, but not widespread 14.09.22 Review The Battle for People: forcible removal of Ukrainians to Russian territory should be classified as deportation and war сrimes, Human Rights Watch says 13.09.22 Review The Economy of Waiting: after four months of growth PMI Business Activity Index falls; slump of the Central Bank’s similar index stopped only by entrepreneurs faith in a prosperous future 12.09.22 Review The Road to Turkmenistan: regional elections in 2022 clouded in silence, intimidation and the mobilisation of “state-dependent” voters 12.09.22 Review Re: Russia — Relaunch: new website, new design and a convenient way to sign up for our newsletter 12.09.22 Polls Review The opinions of Russians on whether to continue military action in Ukraine or move to peace talks are almost evenly divided, Levada Center poll shows 05.08.22 Sanctions Review The Hybrid Resistance Economy: Russian Central Bank outlines the financial architecture of Russian economy's survival “without the West” 04.08.22 War Review Cyber War: international cooperation and horizontal coordination helped Ukraine resist Russian cyber aggression, experts believe 29.07.22 Review IMF described scenarios for a complete halt to Russian gas supplies and its consequences for Europe: with market integration and higher consumer prices the damage will be half as much 28.07.22 Review Gloomy and Gloomier: IMF has lowered its Global Economic Forecast and predicts stagnation for European economies and the US if Russian gas supplies are cut off 27.07.22 Review The first crisis wave continues to subside, Central Bank survey shows 25.07.22 Repressions Review Limit on Party Voting and Attack on Freedom of the Speech: how the authorities are getting ready for the September elections 21.07.22 Sanctions Review The number of companies experiencing issues with import supplies has halved, but remains high, surveys of the Central Bank show 19.07.22 Review The decline dynamic in the Russian economy is fairly modest due to the economy’s relatively Low engagement in the global value chains, analysts of the Central Bank of Russia believe 18.07.22 Review The Сrisis is yet to peak, and the formal recession will come in the third quarter, macroeconomic trends show 10.07.22 War Review War of Attrition: The outcome of the war in Ukraine will depend almost entirely on whether the West can organize arms deliveries in a rational and focused manner 08.07.22 Review Russian gas exports to Europe could drop by 75% by 2025, it would take Russia at least a decade to redirect that volume to Asia, the International Energy Agency forecasts 06.07.22 Review Over the past two decades, the level of Russia’s economic diversification has remained virtually unchanged, new international index shows 29.06.22 Sanctions Review Worse Gets Better: Central Bank surveys show signs of import substitution, decline of production in extractive industries and a general reduction in the intensity of negative assessments 27.06.22 Polls Review Support for Ukraine in Europe remains high, but the differences between Northern and Southern Europe are becoming more pronounced, a Eurobarometer survey shows 27.06.22 Sanctions Review The Government should focus on supporting those industries that have been increasingly competitive globally over the past decade, but may lose export markets due to sanctions, experts say 23.06.22 Review Vicious Circle of Crisis: the war in Ukraine might cause the greatest drop in living standards in the XXI Century for hundreds of million of people, the UN expert group warns 22.06.22 Sanctions Review Since the start of the war at least half of the major foreign companies operating in Russia have limited their activities in one way or another, but another half stayed 22.06.22 Review Reverse Bankrunning: money returned to banks, but the economy shows little demand for it, says the Central Bank May Review of the Banking Sector 21.06.22 War Review The Wrong War: Russian Military exercises did not prepare the army for full-scale offensive war 20.06.22 Review Russian entrepreneurs are optimistic despite more than half of them expecting a drop in sales by year’s end 18.06.22 Review Russia.Post: sociologists, historians, and political scientists discuss Russia after the invasion of Ukraine 17.06.22 Review Slowing growth and high global inflation are affecting low-income countries the most, but developed economies are also feeling the hurt, reports by the OECD and the European Investment Bank show 15.06.22 War Review Counter-Reform Fallout: British analysts believe that the failures of Russian Intelligence in Ukraine are connected to the way the FSB evolved under Putin 15.06.22 War Review The "Genocide" Controversy: the New Lines Institute and the Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights have attempted to define whether Russian invasion of Ukraine is genocidal in character 14.06.22 Review By end of year personal incomes could fall by 7–12%, purchase of durable goods will decline and savings will become less attractive 13.06.22 Repressions Review 181 Blocked Media, 150 Criminal Cases and 59 New Foreign Agents: Russian human rights activists published a report on wartime repressions 10.06.22 Sanctions Review 70% of German economists believe that tariffs on Russian oil and gas imports are more effective than the embargo. Survey by the ifo Institute 10.06.22 Review The Law Against Trading with Autocracies: most German economists consider it inconvenient, but necessary 10.06.22 Review Slowdown in Global Growth and Inflation on the Rise: Is the world in for a long-term stagflation? World Bank forecast 10.06.22 Sanctions Review Six Crisis Channels: the Central Bank economists assessed the effect of sanctions on the financial sector 09.06.22 Review The Decline Gains Momentum: April’s outputs have fallen in seven out of nine sectors of the Russian economy 05.06.22 War Review Mediazona discovered 60 tons of parcels sent by Russian soldiers from Ukraine back home, to small towns with a lower standard of living 05.06.22 Review Summertime Optimism: May PMI Indexes Escaped "the Negative Zone" — Mainly Due to Businessmen's Hopes That Demand Would Grow 29.05.22 Sanctions Review Import cuts will cost the Russian economy 4–10% of GDP, while China will only partially replace trade supply from advanced economies, says Bank of Finland Analytics Center 29.05.22 Sanctions Review Buyers' Cartel: Russian oil consumers need to negotiate lower prices by setting up an "Anti-OPEC" 27.05.22 Review User Migration: In three months of war and restrictions by the government social networks in Russia lost 10% of regular contributors and 8% daily content 27.05.22 Review Reversible Justice: Jury acquittals are on the rise, but the verdicts are being increasingly overturned 27.05.22 War Review Commanders of the Invasion: an Investigation by Proekt Media Presented a Portrait of Russian Army Leadership Waging a War in Ukraine 27.05.22 Sanctions Review The Geopolitical Polygon: why India would not join sanctions against Moscow 08.05.22 War Review "Responsibility to Protect" or "License to Attack": the justification for the Russian aggression against Ukraine once again raises questions about the interpretation of "Sovereignty" and the conditions for its violation