27.05.22 Review

User Migration: In three months of war and restrictions by the government social networks in Russia lost 10% of regular contributors and 8% daily content

According to Brand Analytics research study, by May 15 in Russia there’s been a shift in the top three social networks by the amount of content produced. VKontakte (with the average 13,5 mln content units per day) and Telegram (7.5 million content units) networks retained their first and second place. Yet, Instagram lost its third place to Odnoklassniki network (2.6 million content units). Instagram, blocked in Russia since March 14, found itself on the fourth place with 1,7 mln content units produced.

TikTok, another popular social network, lost even more in the volume of content and number of contributors, having turned off monetization feature for Russian-based contributors and de facto leaving Russia. As of May 15, it had less than 80,000 pieces of daily content published, which is nearly 80% less than prior to February 24. YouTube also suffered losses.

Contributors and authors primarily migrated to VKontakte and Telegram, but not everyone was satisfied with the change: apprxm. 700 K users, who produced content daily, left social networks altogether.

Odnoklassniki failed to take advantage of the moment and almost did not gain new users: one might assume that the network’s brand ideology has become outdated.